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Your Life Belongs to You. Take It Back.

What We Do

We offer a safe transitional housing opportunity for men who need long or short-term housing in Tucson, Arizona. Our residents focus on employment/school and work towards permanent housing. Residents live in a "home setting" with television, bedding, kitchen, and laundry facilities. Food is not provided. All locations are close to the city bus lines, and all properties have resident and office staff that offer support and guidance. All prospective residents are screened for enrollment in person, by mail or by phone. 


Fees and Costs

Weekly program fees are $140 per week  -  Daily costs are $20 

30 day minimum stay

All homes are near employment opportunities

Admission Requirements

- If incarcerated, $280 is to be mailed to PO Box. Payment required to be accepted

- Must be able to pay weekly fees

- Must be clean and free of all substances including marijuana and alcohol

- Must attend one house meeting per week

- Must attend a recovery meeting each day for first 90 days ( NA, AA, CA, CMA, HA, Smart Recovery )

- Must not have a sex offense or have been charged with arson


Acceptance to Housing

We accept those that are employed and/or financially capable of paying program fees. We are not a shelter. 

All applicants need monies up front to move in or have proof of employment unless pre-approved by director.

What we Offer

- A safe, structured, transitional living environment

- A rental housing reference upon

successful discharge from the program.

- A place to rebound and prepare for independent living

- A recovery community for support

We welcome those who; have lost apartment or housing, on parole or probation, are homeless, need to relocate from an unsafe environment, or upon completion of treatment. We work closely with treatment centers, federal, county probation, and state parole. We welcome those on SSI and SSD who can pay fees. We suggest all residents have own food and bus pass upon entry as we do not supply them.

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